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The data used by all our web services is incomplete and out of date, as our source Yahoo Finance has withdrawn all CSV file downloads.
You do not need to register to use Share Prices Lightswitch Application or Share Prices 4 Web (Silverlight v4) or Share Prices 4 Mobile (Web) or WCF Service (supports SOAP,REST( supports .NET/NON .NET e.g. iPhone),RSS, JSON and ATOM) or SP4D-32bit4NET35.msi or (this only runs in the emulator as its not available through phone 7 marketplace) - or SP4D-WPF/ (uses clickonce for installation.) or SPMob-Android21.apk (uses android emulator using 2.1+) or SPMob-WM5.CAB
Please note that registration will only be required for the majority of downloads and applications that work with the old wsdl/soap web service, and not the new wcf service (see the non-registration tab for further info.) You must register with the static IP address of the machine(s) (even if just testing our wsdl/soap web services work), before using our web service with your own front end (web/desktop)/our front ends(web/desktop), as we are providing a free service. If you don't register you may receive no data back. Those whom registered before April 2009, will have to re-register due to the new registration system.
Share Price data web service, is an xml(soap)/wcf(supports SOAP,REST( supports .NET/NON .NET e.g. iPhone),RSS, JSON and ATOM) web service that provides prices for these market indexes - FTSE100, AIM, EuroStoxx50, IBEX35, CAC40, AEX, DAX, MIBTEL, Dow Jones, Techmark 100, Hang Seng, Strait Times, OMXC20, IPC, IBOVESPA, and ALL ORDINARIES. Most Web Service Clients allow the export of data to xml format. For currency cross rates for free goto